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Ramla is Appleseeds Academy's new address for its social technological campus. The campus will serve as the organization's headquarters and a tech hub for entrepreneurs and the community. The Hub will provide young entrepreneurs with services and workspace, while offering innovative technology trainings and exciting community events.

The City of Ramla generously donated a beautiful building in the center of town, which Appleseeds has renovated and added an additional wing to. In total, the campus will cover 1,270 square meters. The building is an officially preserved historic site, with a unique story interwoven with the city's history.


Two more additional buildings on the site will be renovated and added to the campus in the coming years. One will be a shared workspace for local businesses, and the other an art and technology workshop.

Ramla Wohl Campus Brochure

Appleseeds' Wohl Campus on Israel’s Channel 1 News

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