The Digital Divide

in Israel

The Digital Divide is a social challenge that refers to the gap between those who have consistent access to computers and the internet and those who don’t. The gap grows as a country becomes more dependent on technology in both its economic and democratic institutions. Narrowing the Digital Divide has proven to reduce socioeconomic inequality.

In partnership with Bezeq and The Center for Internet Research at Haifa University, headed by Professor Sheizaf Rafaeli, Appleseeds developed an Israel ICT Index. The Index serves as a tool for understanding and benchmarking the Digital Divide across Israeli society, and as an engine in identifying future investments in education and technology.

Watch more about the 2016 ICT Index

Appleseeds White Paper on the Digital Divide in Israel

Appeseeds White Paper on Digital Access and Inequality in the Bedouin Sector

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