What is Startech?


A school for the hottest hi-tech professions.

A holistic model that works hand in hand with partners in the private sector to provide the skills and experience needed for key positions in the hi-tech industry, which dramatically increases the earning potential of our beneficiaries.


Startech consists of five "schools" led by leading companies in industry:

OpsSchool, led by Outbrain

Online Marketing School, led by Brightcom

Mobile School, led by SearsIL

Data School, led by Zooz

Cloud School, led by Inneractive


We have designed the schools based on the companies’ immediate recruitment needs and a set of preparatory programs that place socially disadvantaged and diverse populations in the hottest jobs in the technology sector.  Our target audience is focused on underserved people living in Israel’s periphery: Arab and Bedouins, young adults, Appleseed's Alumni, and adults over 45.

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