Fullstack Bootcamp Junior Trainer

תיאור התפקיד:

Passionate to help individuals from Israel’s periphery to advance into the tech industry
Keen to explore and gain new knowledge and share it with students
Excited to be member of our network community in the tech industry
Thrives in a continuous feedback environment

תחומי אחריות:

Lead small groups learning sessions
Conduct personalized code reviews of student projects and exercises
Mentor students during 1-on-1 office hour sessions
Create and support a fun atmosphere for learning.

דרישות התפקיד:

Fluency in the following topics: JavaScript, React, Express, Node.js, mongoDB, HTML, CSS, Git, Deployment.
Previous experience in teaching and/or mentoring aspiring developers.
At least 1+ years of advanced web development experience – an advantage
Experience working with agile teams – pair programming experience – an advantage
Outstanding Fullstack Bootcamps graduates are welcome
Arabic speaker - an advantage

מיקום המשרה:


היקף המשרה:

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Fullstack Bootcamp Junior Trainer

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