FullStack Bootcamp Head trainer

תיאור התפקיד:

Passionate for sharing your knowledge and expertise with our student.-
Have the ability to explain complex concepts in a clear manner-
Knows the best programming practices-
Deep understanding of the fundamentals-

תחומי אחריות:

Integrating critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, communication, and collaboration.
Tracking student progress, and helping students realize their potential.
Overseeing learning processes and training of students
Leading instructional staff
Teaching fullstack content in group sessions

דרישות התפקיד:

Advanced fluency in the following topics: JavaScript, React, Express, Node.js, mongoDB, HTML, CSS, Git, Deployment.
Previous experience in teaching and/or mentoring aspiring developers.
Strong organizational skills.
At least 2 years of advanced web development experience - advantage
Experience working in dynamic teams or similar programs - advantage

Working hours:

מיקום המשרה:

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היקף המשרה:

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FullStack Bootcamp Head trainer

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