Appleseeds trains more than 3,000 teachers, principals, and school coordinators annually in implementing digital and pedagogic curriculum within Israel's education system, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, municipalities, Center for Education & Technology, and Cisco.


Our educational programs are spread out in Arab and Jewish communities across Israel, with the goal of improving teaching skills and adapting them to the life skills required in the 21st century. Our program is based on an innovative curriculum with the aim of creating an independent learner who will utilize the skills gained while learning. Today, the "Project Based Learning" program has expanded to include 50 schools and over 1,000 teachers, reaching over 22,000 students.


Some of Appleseeds main accomplishments in the field of education include creating the first urban-digital program of its kind among the Bedouin population in the town of Hura, where leading teachers in seven schools in the city were trained in advanced digital teaching and learning processes.


In addition, as part of the "Hotam" program, the organization has trained a group of leading teachers from around the country as part of a unique learning model based on the "High Tech High" project in San Diego.

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